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Tesla Appointed Blackstone Agency for Indonesia

PT Tesla Indonesia is an independent geophysical service company providing client oriented solutions to the complex problem of finding and delineating oil and gas discoveries with a unique blend of International and local expertise

 PT Tesla Indonesia provides consistent, quality seismic services to the Indonesian market, such as Geophysical seismic data processing services, 2D/3D seismic data processing, land, transition, marine data types, AVO, inversion projects and depth migration.
To meet their goals, Tesla appointed Blackstone Agency to handle technology development to improve service quality and PR marketing to build trust on investors, clients and users in Indonesia.

“This is an exciting client and a fast-paced, competitive industry. We are thrilled to be working for TESLA,” CEO Blackstone, Aldi Sky Wungkana.

Derrick McClure, Director of Tesla Indonesia said, “We’re very happy with the result. Blackstone works for Tesla’s amazing! Truly represent a great work of an international digital agency, exactly as expected!”
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