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FarmaLab Become the Trusted Partner in Indonesia's Health Care

PT Indofarma Tbk launches FarmaLab laboratory facilities, mobile-lab with home care services, walk-in clinics, processing laboratorium, online platform providing services to 47 airports and drive-thru to prevent covid-19 spreads in national scale.

Executive General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura II at the Main Branch Office of Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Agus Haryadi, said that the inspection or covid-19 test service at the airport’s Airport Health Center (AHC) is running well. Rapid antigen and PCR test services at AHC Terminal 1, 2 and Terminal 3 are carried out by PT Farmalab Indoutama (Indofarma Tbk). “Supervision is carried out every day and inspections are carried out periodically. So that there are no worries for service users who carry out the covid-19 test at AHC.”

Trusted Partner
in the healthcare development.
BLACKSTONE has been named digital marketing agency for FarmaLab by Indofarma, Tbk, the largest pharma and health care development SOEs Indonesia. Indofarma’s long-standing partnership with Blackstone has spanned more than 3 years. Together, we’ve built powerful, immersive experiences that seamlessly integrate online and offline environments. From A to Z we help FarmaLab drive innovation in design, and bringing customer closer to the brand.
“When the time comes, we love it when our Agency is always there to meet our needs and solve our toughest challenges. For us, Blackstone is a solution.”
— Arie Genipa, Corporate Secretary, Indofarma Tbk
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